IDEA VISION introduces the RUN fX lightweight and vibration damped camera mount for GoPros and other action cams.

RUN fX has been designed to meet all of today’s challenging requirements of camera mounting devices. RUN fX features many advantages and highlights, making this camera mount device different from traditional camera mounts for GoPro´s and other action cams.

What is special about RUN fX?

  • RUN fX supports GoPros and Housing
  • RUN fX is extremely lightweight and flexible
  • RUN fX is the most versatile option of any kind of camera setup and video production
  • RUN fX is adaptable to any kind of moving or static platform or carrier
  • RUN fX utilizes the most advanced materials, aluminium alloys and reinforced rubber buffer
  • RUN fX is shock-proof like a tripod, but by far more flexible in handling and operation
  • RUN fX is resistant to severe environmental impact (temperature, vibration, etc.)
  • RUN fX keeps the camera positioning accurate, even under extreme situations (e.g. crash)
  • RUN fX is the quickest and easiest adaptable system when the setup situation changes
  • RUN fX features six degrees of freedom mounting with 360 degrees
  • RUN fX does not require modification to the carrier or platform
  • Multiple mounting holes
  • Materials: all corrosion free and torsion, temperature and shock resistant
  • Compatible to add on accessories: lighting, microphone, etc.
  • Accepts shoe mounted accessories
  • Access to all switches, push buttons, controls and card slots
  • Useable for transparent and secure camera housing, securing maximum protection
  • Useable with underwater camera housing


Leaflet RUN fx  *.pdf