Lightweigt – Flexible – Robust

The VacuMount is a lightweight -3 kg-, resistant, and ultra-flexible vacuum mounting platform that delivers a multitude of rigging possibilities with ultimate functionality. The VacuMount system is ideal for mounting cameras, gimbals, camera heads, lights or other accessories on all smooth surfaces such as windows, cars, walls etc.!


The VacuMount is an active micro-controlled vacuum rigging system with permanent automatic pressure and power control. Loss of pressure will be readjusted immediately. The control unit can be used in four different modes depending to the requirements.

1/4“ – 3/8“ – M8 – 16mm

The three suction pads can carry a maximum payload of up to 100 kg | 220 lbs, depending on how the VacuMount is used. The VacuMount is designed in such a way that it can hold the camera, gimbal and lights directly, or mounted with a wedge/tilt plate, ball mounts, etc.

Within seconds

The assembly and rigging of the VacuMount System is very user friendly and carried out within seconds. It´s an easy one man handling due to its lightweight and user optimized design.


Due to it´s unique joint design you are able to react to the relevant requirements and offer always a suitable solution.

The vacuum hoses mounted on the bottom of the C3 extension are responsible for the vacuum pressure as well as anti scratch protection.

Easy power supply

The vacuum pump system can be connected from 11V to 30V DV , directly from a car (12V), or any standard V-Mount Battery or D-TAP.

The C3 VacuMount consumes only 0,96W/h in automatic mode.


The VacuMount can be rigged and used perfectly on narrow or small surfaces.

Due to articulated links the mounting angle can also be used around the corner whitout any additional changes on the C3 structure.

Safety first

To protect your equipment, we recommend to use tension belt and our latest developed hook system. The hooks fit almost in every gap and due to its material avoid scratches or other damages on a car, boat, etc.

From small to large

The VacuMount System is a versatile rigging tool, which can be perfectly adapted to different conditions on set.

You look for the quick shot with highest efficiency or something special with ultimate rigging! The VacuMount System will satisfy your needs.

System Specification

Dimensions Vacuum Pump System:

  • Length: 184 mm
  • Width: 106 mm
  • Hight: 58 mm



C3 VacuMount Kit incl. pump appr.: 3 kg

C1 VacuMount appr.: 0,7 kg


Environmental Data:

Low noise: 65 dB (pressure readjustment)

Ambient temperature: -10°C to +80°C

Dimensions C3 Extension:

Electrical Data:

  • Input Range: 11V – 30V DC
  • Current A: 0.7 A ( max )
  • Consumption: 8.5W ( max )
  • Watt Hour: 0,96W/h (AUTOMATIC MODE )
  • Current Hour: 80mA/h (AUTOMATIC MODE )
  • car onboard (12V)
  • any standard Camera Battery over 11V

Information System:

  • Micro-controlled unit
  • Permanent pressure control
  • Loss of pressure will be readjusted immediately
  • Permanent power control
  • Light and sound signals
  • Digital display


Leaflet VacuMount  *.pdf 

MCU Pump Display  *.pdf

Instruction Manual VacuMount  *.pdf